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"...so that with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 15:5&6
One Voice of Worship is passionate about edifying and encouraging the Lord's church by leading God's people in worship, as well as teaching and mentoring other worship leaders to feel empowered to lead the body of Christ in worship. One Voice of Worship is excited to share the talents entrusted to them by the Lord in order to bring the body of Christ closer to worshiping Him in one accord, with One Voice.

The ministry of One Voice of Worship consists of Steve and Joy Elkins and Josh and Meghan Mandeville. Steve doesn't remember a time when he wasn't involved in music, specifically singing as far back as he can recall. 15 years ago he began complementing his vocals with the bass and has continued to expand his talents with acoustic and electric guitar, piano, drums, and mandolin. Five years ago Steve began leading worship at One Voice of Worship's home church and has continued as a worship leader there, as well as worked with a number of leaders in northern Indiana to empower and encourage them in leading the body of Christ into an intimate and passionate level of corporate worship. Josh began singing in the fifth grade and began playing the piano when he was 13. At 18 Josh picked up the bass and continues to play the bass as his primary instrument. Josh began playing and singing for the worship team at 18 and they haven't been without his harmonies since. As a Youth Pastor, Josh has also lead worship and taught youth in bass, vocals and leading worship. Josh has been preaching for 13 years and has a passion for sharing with others what it means to lead a lifestyle of worship.

One Voice of Worship feels that we have all been designed for one thing - and that is to make a big deal about God. Toward this effort One Voice of Worship's debut album, Creative God, has been released. One Voice of Worship hopes that you will join in lifting Creative God as an offering of worship to the Lord.

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